Bridgeman Arts

Winter Glasgow

Bridgeman Arts designs, delivers and produces several winter events across a number of Scottish cities and towns and one of our annual projects since 2014 is the Glasgow Style Mile Christmas Carnival each November. This is a favourite of ours as it draws in people and communities from across wide area and brings them together in Glasgow City centre to celebrate the festive season.


Glasgow’s iconic city centre buildings are a match for any European capital city and provide a fitting backdrop for a winter carnival that brings colour, light and sparkle to the dark winter afternoons. Here we get the chance to display our dazzling Christmas artworks and costume-performances against the Victorian neo-classical and gothic revival architecture that defines the city centre. A perfect, ready-made stage set for our winter revelry. This (traditionally) is the largest of our annual events with over 500 performers and artists in the carnival procession and we run an extensive community engagement programme in the months leading up to it to ensure that the content is high quality, highly valued and above all, a great experience for those involved. Giant puppets, Lanterns, animated sculptures, pyrotechnics, street theatre, live music and dance are just some of the features that you will find at our Christmas carnival

The last five Glasgow Style Mile Christmas Carnivals were produced by Bridgeman Arts and our content, delivery style and methodology have proven to be a winning formula for the city centre winter events programme.