Bridgeman Arts

Winter Participation

Carnivals at different times of the year require different themes, styles and music. In particular, Christmas has its “Christmassy” feel. This gives us a great opportunity to design and produce new dance routines, performance pieces and musical works that enhance the Christmas experience.


Glasgow is a city with very diverse populations and all are welcome to come and celebrate the Festive Season together. Notable contributions from the Bridgeman Arts engagement programme that reflect the accessibility of the event to local groups were: a Chinese-Christmas Bell Section created by a local cultural producer a giant winter-themed Hindu Kathakali Opera character and dancers a Limbo section with children exploring dance styles from across the African disapora a new repertoire of Christmas songs written by a local Samba Youth Band (wind instruments and drums) a collaboration between a Bridgeman Arts Samba Drumming group and a full choir singing contemporary West African carols

Future Style Mile/ winter carnivals will see more new and exciting collaborations that will dazzle and excite spectators, participants and Christmas shoppers alike