Bridgeman Arts

Recent Procession Art

Bridgeman Arts has an extensive history of producing street theatre and carnival items to an uncommon scale. Our cities and towns can have road layouts and street designs that do not always lend themselves to artworks of a grand scale and so we endeavour to make the most of local knowledge and create items that suit the territory and give visitors and participants a spectacle worth turning out for.


Several local artists and engineers produced visually stunning items for a variety of projects in Renfrewshire that complemented the work of hundreds of costumed street revellers in carnival projects in mid-summer, the autumn and winter. On this page, it is clear that our bold visual themes (such as The Giant Paddle Steamer - “doon the watter”, The Pumpkin Lantern Tree - “Halloween”, The Giant Rotating Snowman - “Xmas Lights’ Switch On” bring an exciting dimension to public processions in the region.

Our work is a never a set of pre-made products to be simply taken “off the shelf” in order to satisfy a sales and profit-making remit, such as is the case with many production companies. We make items specifically for each new event and make sure that the signature is original and perfectly fits the event at hand. We work exclusively for projects that are free and accessible to the general public and that aim to enhance the quality of life for people as they engage with their local surroundings. Our work attracts visitors.


Bridgeman Arts creates exciting and interesting visual spectacle but behind this, there is a world of meaningful activity that enhances the lives of people from all across the region where our events are taking place. This ranges from active, voluntary participation in the making processes themselves with benefits to mental and physical health to job opportunities and other activities that allow people to learn new skills. Over the years we have supported training, youth menteeships, work experience placements and have delivered several programmes that support rotes to employment and training with organisations such as Jobs and Business Glasgow, The RCS and regional social work services.