Bridgeman Arts

Original Designs

We aim always to work with local artists and to develop and nurture local skills across our communities. Bridgeman Arts designs original costumes and artworks for every event and arts commissions and opportunities always go to local talent. Performers come from all backgrounds and their original contributions all go to make our events unique and meaningful.

Local Opportunities

For 2018, we gained opportunities to produce a coordinated centrepiece for the carnival procession that offered skills’ development for local people and then gave them the public event space to showcase their new abilities and work. This included stilt-walking and movement training that had the input from a circus skills trainer and a professional dance company. It was the most extensive procession that we have produced to date and had unprecedented numbers of participants and the most detailed choreography of any event of it’s kind in Glasgow’s recent history.

SEEDING CARNIVAL - FURTHER OPPORTUNITIES The 2018 project also brought opportunities to take the Bridgeman Arts methodology to other areas. Most notable perhaps, we “seeded” a carnival in Balloch (one of the sites for 2018 European Championship activities) in close collaboration with Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Parks Authority. Through a programme of community arts engagement and a sharing of resources, we were able to give the town a vibrant spectacle that brought local people together in a spirit of cooperation and celebration.

Keeping Going

There is so much past experience and knowledge to build on with our summer carnival and we look forward to taking the event to new heights with even greater levels of participation from people just like you.