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Some Halloween Items

One of the sub-themes we set for the recent Halloween Festival was “The Renfrewshire Witches” which is a story relating to witch trials in Renfrewshire in the 16th century. Many of the costumed participants created costumes and props relating to the witch theme and we (as well as facilitating the costume-making) created a giant prop as focus for the theme. Below is a film of the witch on it’s first test run before being finally completed for the event itself. This relationship between large prop and group as well as tying into local history is a feature of our work.


We exclusively work in Scotland and all of the artists and technicians we work with are based in Scotland. This is simply a matter of fact and not a deliberate exclusivity however, this means that we are able to work easily around different regions of the country by having a generalised experience of the territory through familiarity and experience. When we work in places that are not so familiar, then we research things. We meet the people there and we run workshop programmes that offer people there (and ourselves of course) the scope to share ideas and information and we build our events with the consent and agreement of most (or all) those involved.

More Halloween

Bridgeman Arts will not be producing the Halloween Festival in 2019 but you can see (and be involved in) several other events that we will produce in 2019 where you can be sure to find the same levels of engagement, empowerment and spectacle that we brought to Halloween 2018. Click NEWS in the menu for more info