Bridgeman Arts

Behind the Scenes

As cited elsewhere on the site, we create everything from scratch here at Bridgeman Arts, even down to the tiniest components and screws where necessary. One of the most exciting aspects of this way of working/ living is to be able to have an idea in mind and to see that idea turned into a working, physical reality that brings joy and entertainment to others. This happens in the theatre all the time but at Bridgeman Arts, you don’t pay for the privilege.


Our props, puppets and sets take months to make and this requires planning and commitment from all involved. We don’t have large studio warehouses where we can make everything so we work wherever we can find suitable space and we strike up beneficial relationships with people who have unused space in the areas in which we work. The half-finished large items in the images below were all made with the generous support of people who allowed us to use their spaces under favourable terms and conditions. This is possible because of the shared belief that we are doing something that is good for individuals, communities and society as a whole. Public art, and the sharing of it makes our lived spaces more meaningful places to inhabit.

Local Ownership

We are a local company with limited resources but we do well with what we have, partly due to the kind of support alluded to in this page. Our aim to is make the best use of local skills and talent to produce events that give local communities ownership of the content through active participation and consultation. We are always happy to hear from local people who are interested in making creative content that enhances people’s lives